Colt Ford Releases “Keys to the Country” with RVSHVD, Dan Tyminksi and Vince Gill

“Keys to the Country” is Available Now!

Colt Ford releases his new single, “Keys to the Country.” The up-tempo country-rock track has a little something musically for everybody, featuring Ford and Rvshvd in some staccato spoken-word and more melodic passages, down-home pure country chorus harmonies from Dan Tyminski and stuttering, sizzling electric guitar lines from Vince Gill in what surely be one of the most unexpected lineups in recent memory. Fiddles top off the arrangement, creating a true hybrid of classic and contemporary country styles.

The singer-rapper produced the track with Noah Gordon, while Shannon Houchins served as a co-producer. Ford had a longstanding familiarity with Gill and Tyminski’s work, and he was thrilled to get the chance to work with Rvshvd, who’s a fellow Georgia native.

“The moment I heard Rvshvd on TikTok I knew I wanted to work with him,” Ford tells us. “The fact that he was from Georgia made it even more special. I knew this song was perfect for him, and then I reached out to Vince Gill to play guitar. Vince has always been one of my favorite players. The special sauce was Dan Tyminski doing background vocals on here. I will forever be humbled by the amazing talent I have been so lucky to work with. I hope folks will love this song.”

Listen/Stream: HERE

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