Fun-Loving Duo Colt Ford and Krizz Kaliko Release Hoodbillies EP





“In a world always ready to point out our differences, the Hoodbillies do the exact opposite.” – Taste of Country

“bridging the gap between country and trap.” – XXL


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Colt Ford and Krizz Kaliko, also known as the Hoodbillies, have released their six-track self-titled EP, available for purchase and stream on all digital platforms via Average Joes Entertainment. Along with their new project, the fun-loving duo has also released their official music video for their recently released single, “Big Yeah,” exclusively premiered by Bridge Magazine

After being introduced by country-rap artist and mutual friend Demon Jones, it became evident that a strong bond existed between them when they candidly discussed their shared struggles with mental health, both stemming from their battles with distinct autoimmune disorders. Ford confronted Myasthenia Gravis, an autoimmune condition affecting facial muscles, while Krizz Kaliko grappled with Vitiligo, a disease characterized by patchy skin pigment loss. This revelation marked the beginning of an unbreakable connection between Colt and Krizz. Together, they embarked on a creative journey, harnessing their emotions and experiences to infuse their music with a profound purpose—to inspire others in overcoming their personal challenges.

“Colt and I would have never guessed that we needed each other at the time that we met,” shares Kaliko. “We both really needed someone we could talk to that could relate to these issues that we were having.”

Produced by Michael Summers and Kaliko himself, the EP features six anthemic tracks that each bring sonic flavor to the musical table. From patriotic and powerful songs like “Bad Ass American,” to energizing and head-turning singles such as “Hot Sauce,” the self-titled EP is sure to have something to satisfy country and hip-hop fans alike.


Hoodbillies EP Track Listing

  1. “Aw Naw” (Colt Ford, Krizz Kaliko, Michael Summers)
  2. “Hot Sauce” (Colt Ford, Krizz Kaliko, Michael Summers)
  3. “Fire It Up” (Colt Ford, Krizz Kaliko, Michael Summers)
  4. “Hits Different” (Colt Ford, Krizz Kaliko, Michael Summers)
  5. “Big Yeah” (Colt Ford, Krizz Kaliko, Michael Summers)
  6. “Bad Ass American” (Colt Ford, Krizz Kaliko, Michael Summers)


Listen to the Hoodbillies EP HERE.

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