Austin Tolliver Releases Debut Album, Featuring Colt Ford

Austin Tolliver meets a milestone in his artist career with the release of his 12-track debut album, “Ride 4 Me.”

Built with uptempo country and hip-hop infused songs, Tolliver confidently entertains with title track, #Ride4Me#YodelayYouDown #TipMyHat and Lifestyle, Featuring Colt Ford.

Meanwhile takes an earnest approach with #Amnesia and #CrashCourse, a song swerving between lyrics and comparisons of a break-up ”while I’m begging you to put it in reverse.” The entire album is available on all streaming platforms with a select few tracks featured as Official Music Videos on #YouTube.

Listen / Watch:!CF

01 Dip Low

02 Ride 4 Me

03 Pain Pill featuring @Bezz Believe Music

04 Little Bit Of Me

05 Tip My Hat

06 Crash Course

07 Can’t Get Away From Me

08 Amnesia

09 Louisiana Lullaby

10 Yodelay You Down

11 Tailgate Party

12 Lifestyle featuring @Colt Ford

#austintolliver #coltford #bezzbelieve #averagejoesentertainment

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