Trailer Park Pulp Fiction – Lyrics

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Low cut jeans, camel toe seams
baby didn’t pass on the extra baked beans
i lust you, you lust me
its redneck chemistry
got checks to bounce, got an axe to grind
got me on the bike, got you behind
buy your mom a BOB and your dad some tissues
we got ideas and we got issues

whoa hoe
lifes a real short party
so lets turn it up, im gonna turn it up, im gonna burn lets go
whoa hoe
lets get some drama started
turn on the heat, turn up the friction
write a little bit of trailer park pulp fiction
write a little trailer park pulp fiction
write a little bit of trailer park pulp fiction

Jeckyl and hyde, bonnie and clyde
romeo and juliet better run and hide
you got the look and you got the touch
got moves so hot make a prison guard blush
got no rules go no compunction
a product of good down home disfunction
strait off the farm, children of the corn
get totaled, here comes the storm

repeat chorus

We’ll end up ….in the sunset
in our pink lawn chairs
with plastic palm tress, a big screen TV
on patrol in the middle if nowhere
until we’re there

repeat chorus



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