The Story Behind “She Likes To Ride In Trucks”

April 19th, 2011 NEWS 0 comments on “The Story Behind “She Likes To Ride In Trucks””

I wrote a song on my new album with Noah Gordon and Tom Shepard that was very special for me because it’s about my daughter growing up and not needing me around anymore. I had the idea and Noah and Tom helped me bring it to life.  We called the song “She Wants To Ride In Trucks” and I wanted to get someone to sing the chorus that was really good at singing songs that tug at your heart strings.

I knew right away I wanted Craig Morgan to sing the song.  I’ve got to know Craig over the last few years and he’s one of best guy’s I’ve met in the music business. It’s really cool when you are a fan of someone and when you meet them they are as cool as you thought they would be. I told Craig how special this song was for me and he understood because he also has kids.   Although his kids are boys, it still feels the same when your kids want to do their own thing and not hang around with you as much.  After Craig heard the demo he said he would love to do it.  We set a time to go into the studio but I was home in Georgia and could not be there and neither could Tom or Noah so Craig went in with my band leader and producer Jayson Chance.

One of the things that makes music great is how you hear something or you feel something about a song. When Craig got there he felt it sounded better to sing “She Likes To Ride In Trucks” and when someone as talented as Craig Morgan feels something you let him do it. I am glad he did because the song sounds amazing!

The funny thing about all of this is that the artwork had already been printed for the album with the title “She Wants To Ride In Trucks”, so the first 50,000 records have the title wrong but I guess they will have a collectors item! LOL.

The great thing is the song turned out fantastic and I think that it will be really special to a bunch of families. I know it is to me and mine. I hope y’all are doing well out there.  I can’t wait for you to get the new record on May 3rd. I hope y’all know it is made for y’all!

Keep praying for our troops around the world that FIGHT for our FREEDOM!

God Bless,


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