If you haven’t heard the story yet…Colt Dedicates New Song To His Daughter

April 21st, 2011 NEWS 0 comments on “If you haven’t heard the story yet…Colt Dedicates New Song To His Daughter”

colt-ford-122810Colt Ford makes his living writing humorous songs such as ‘No Trash in My Trailer’ and ‘Chicken & Biscuits,’ but the proud father says he does have a sentimental side — especially when it comes to his teenage daughter. The Georgia native is getting ready to release his third album, ‘Every Chance I Get,’ and has included a tender song, ‘She Likes to Ride in Trucks,’ in honor of his little girl.

“I wrote this song for my daughter,” he reveals on his website. “She’s 16, coming of age, and I’m not the man in her life anymore, her boyfriend is. She wants to do her own thing, chase her own dreams, and she doesn’t need me as much as she used to. Whenever I do this song live, it’ll choke me up. It’s about real life, and real life is hard sometimes.”

Colt performs the hit with his good friend, Craig Morgan, whom he says was a natural choice. “I’ve got to know Craig over the last few years and he’s one of best guys I’ve met in the music business,” syas the singer. “It’s really cool when you are a fan of someone and when you meet them they are as cool as you thought they would be. I told Craig how special this song was for me and he understood because he also has kids. Although his kids are boys, it still feels the same when your kids want to do their own thing and not hang around with you as much. After Craig heard the demo he said he would love to do it.”

The new CD, which will hit shelves May 3, also features guest appearances from Tim McGraw, Eric Church, Luke Bryan, Josh Thompson and Charlie Daniels. The singer-songwriter, who spent much of the last two years on the road with Jason Aldean and Hank Williams, Jr., will head out for a series of shows to support his new album. See his concert schedule here.

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